Freebie Alert: Marketing Plan Template

Building an executable marketing plan that is tailored to the business is easier said than done. It requires a solid understanding of your target market and their pain areas to develop buyer personas uniquely paired with your priority solution messaging. Some would argue that this foundational piece is the most difficult step of the plan because, without it, you really have no basis to follow the rest.

The good new is, once you have clear direction and the green light about who you’re reaching with what, the rest can fall into place pretty easily.

I’ve developed a marketing planning template that has worked pretty well for my employers and clients at A2B over the years. I’ve provided it below for your marketing pleasure. I hope you find some benefit in it and welcome any feedback or suggestions for improvement in the comments area below.

Goals and Objectives

  • Build awareness within target markets as the preferred solution partner through clear, concise messaging.
  • Position the company as a thought leader with decision makers in target accounts ($XYZ+ revenue).
  • Drive pipeline for priority solution offerings while enabling sales to effectively close new business leads.

Strategy and Tactics

Develop buyer personas 

Partner with sales and executive leadership to build profiles of key decision makers in target accounts leveraging CRM solution.  Research buyer behavior, pain points and potential communication mediums.

Build solution messaging 

Partner with product owners and leadership to develop clear and concise messaging for each priority solution area by market segment, geared toward buyer personas. Translate messaging across collateral and paid, earned and owned media channels.

Generate demand and nurture leads

Develop content demonstrating thought leadership in key service areas. Seed content along a logical buyer’s journey leveraging communication mediums and partners (social, email, web, third party publications, analysts, alliances and influencers).

Blog post –> White paper  Webinar/ Workshop / Conference –>  Leads 

Nurture cool leads to a warm status through newsletters and drip campaigns, documenting the process in CRM.

Enable sales to close business 

Work with sales to identify and fill gaps in sales materials (battle cards, PPTs, solution sheets, etc.). Develop a closed loop process for communication of new leads, timely and informative handoff and establish a cadence for feedback and reporting outcomes.


Plan Assumptions

  • Solid partnership with sales and executive leadership
  • Creative resources, graphics / web designer for content development
  • Teamwork with internal subject matter experts
  • Budget for advertising, events, partner and analyst activities (submit RFB communicating business case / ROI)

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